MAD Foodcamp 2011

MAD Foodcamp took place August 27th-28th 2011 at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen and was celebration of the seasons, the harvest and the food of our region.

During the course of the weekend, festival-goers had the chance to meet hundreds of leading fruit and vegetable growers, food producers, foragers, scientists and chefs, all of whom had plenty to say about the food we eat and plenty of food for guests to try. The festival site consisted of a large, bazaar-style market place offering masses of things to taste, try, experience and buy. There were impromptu food demonstrations, spectacular competitions (including the Danish Hay Championship), and a Hyde Park Corner-style area where leading producers and food personalities shared their knowledge and lead discussions from hay bale pulpits. There was a massive campfire, a large area dedicated solely to products made from grains and cereals, a number of street kitchens, and more information-orientated areas concerned with hay, ‘the wild’ and the living soil.

The International Symposium, created for chefs and other professionals, was attended by a number of the world’s leading chefs, food professionals, and producers with a special interest in vegetables. On July 1st and 2nd 2012, the MAD Symposium will take place, still at Refshaleøen, under the theme “Appetite”. Read more here.

The Story Behind MAD Foodcamp

The men behind MAD Foodcamp are the co-founders of Noma, René Redzepi and Claus Meyer, and the event was created together with the newly formed food association F.O.O.D. Redzepi and Meyer are also the curators of the international symposium and festival site.

Their ambition was that MAD Foodcamp should plant new ideas among its participants and guests; that it would be an annual gathering amid nature; that would offer surprises every year in terms of form and content, but never lose sight of the essential idea that farmers, food producers, chefs, innovators and food lovers of all ages should meet each other, eye-to-eye, and together create new opportunities and better solutions for the food we eat.

The idea for a food festival with an international format stems from the success of the Cook It Raw event, which took place at Noma in Copenhagen, prior to the COP15 climate conference, and was attended by some of the world’s leading chefs.

MAD Foodcamp was formalised by a committee consisting of Redzepi and Meyer, along with Judith Kyst, Director of Madkulturen, Henrik Rasmussen, head of the Roskilde Festival, Jan Kragh Jacobsen, president of the Danish Gastronomic Academy, Pelle Øby Andersen, director of F.O.O.D., Paul Cunningham (restaurant The Paul) and Thomas Hart Tung, of Aarstiderne. The committee is a non-profit organization.